Website Design and Basic Elements

Written by Wayne LangfordWeb Design


It is really important to have a website for your company, products, or services. At the same time, some people have websites for their personal purpose and blogging also. So if you are a newbie and if you want to make a website for your business or personal purpose then it is better to know about web design first.

So what is web design?

Web design means the creation of websites and the presentation of your content on web pages. A user will be able to visit your web pages by a web browser through the internet. The person who designs and creates a website is known as a web designer. Sometimes they are known as web developers also. To design a website, web designers follow some specific steps and rules. Although the overall design for all websites is not the same the basic design and steps are almost the same. There are some common elements for web design and all web designers use these common elements for the design and development of a website. Let’s have a look at those common elements:

Common elements:


This is the process or way to set the contents, ads, graphics, and texts in a specific website. If you want to design and develop your website personally then you have to fix the basic layout first. Expert web designers always try to use some exceptional and attractive layouts for their designs. As a newbie, you may have a look at some websites and then you may fix the layout for your website. You have to be careful about the layout so that your audience can get desired information easily from your website. This basic layout is the foundation of your website.


Actually, it is not a single element but a package of few useful and important elements. Graphics include logo, clipart, photos, etc. All of these are really important to attract audiences to your websites. At the same time, they need to be placed in such a way so that your site can be attractive but fast. Too much use of graphics can make your website slow. Moreover, perfect use of graphics can make your site user-friendly which is really positive for your site.


Although most of the web browsers can read few selected fonts still there are lots of things to improve in the sector of fonts. As a web designer, you have to select fonts from those selected fonts. Fonts can increase the beauty and performance of your website. So it is really important to be careful about fonts. At the same time, fonts play a vital role to attract audiences.


It is another important thing for your website. The beauty and design of a website depend on the selection of colors. You may use bright colors or light colors but all depend on the design of your website. Nowadays, most designers love to use bright and exceptional colors to attract more audiences and to be different from others.


Your business will depend on content. Contents can be written documents, videos, or audio. Suppose, you are selling a product and that is why you are running a website to boost your business. So you have to attract your clients through your content so that your clients buy your products rather than your competitors. At the same time, if you have any plan to earn through advertisements then it is important to have useful and perfect SEO on your site. Contents are also important to bring your website to the top of the search engines. But obviously, your contents need to be related to the niche of your website. If your audiences get irrelevant content on your website then they will not visit your website again which is negative for your website. So keep and manage relevant and useful content on your website.


Although it is a part of your layout still I would love to keep it as a different element for a website. At present, there are lots of user-friendly websites on a product or niche. You have to bring something different and attractive to your site. So you can start with the navigation system. User-friendly navigation is the primary condition to attract clients and that is why you have to design user-friendly navigation in your website. Don’t make your site so complex but try to keep it clean and easy for your clients/audiences.


Most genius web designers try to engage their audiences with their websites. That is why they keep comment options on their websites which help them to understand the requirements of their clients. Much interaction means much traffic which is really helpful for your website. So as a designer, you have to be careful about this element also.

Obviously, these are not all elements but as a web designer, you have to be careful about these elements first. Implementation of these elements always brings some positive signs for a website. You may have a look in search engines to learn more about web designs.

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